Network Emulator

Key Benefits

· Speeds up network testing of the network application, equipment or the service.
· Increases the success by delivering fully tested products and services.
· Minimizes the cost and wasted time by finding and eliminating software bugs faster.
· Provides detailed quality assurance (QA) of network applications and network equipment.
· Minimizes the bandwidth cost by accurately determining bandwidth requirements.
· Allows determining VoIP and video conferencing performance characteristics in a laboratory environment.
· With multi-port model, it allows emulations on redundant, backup and multi-home connections.
· Allows multiple users to run independent emulations or traffic generations at the same time.
· Allows evaluating emerging applications, products and standards realistically.

General Features

· Patent-pending wire speed emulations (1.4 million pps/port/direction) without missing any packet.
· Supports all network protocols and applications, such as IP, TCP, HTTP, VoIP, etc.
· Supports all network connection types, point-to-point, hub and spoke, partially or fully meshed.
· Supports all server hardware and operating systems.
· Works at Ethernet level not IP level. (I.e. switching instead of routing).
· Portable for sharing and carrying easily.
· Displays throughput in bits/second and packets/second in both directions of the traffic.
· Does not require a dedicated host or special GUI application.
· Easy to learn, configure and use via a web browser interface.
· Does not need any modifications in network configuration.
· Provides flexible unidirectional emulations.
· Supports several types of packet filters.
· Supports 64 DiffServ filter levels.
· Provides custom filters with up to 4-byte long pattern matching anywhere in the packet.
· Provides up to 32 simultaneous multiple emulations.
· Provides stacked MPLS and VLAN (Q in Q) emulations.
· Provides real-time packet modifications.
· Provides Capture and Replay functionality.
· Provides background traffic injection during network emulation.
· Supports RFC 2544 network performance measurements.
· Provides wire-mode operation.
· Provides real-time packet analysis with packet filters on every interface.
· Provides real-time throughput in bps and pps displays in tabular and graphical formats.
· Provides web based remote management.
· Allows saving, loading or deleting multiple configurations.
· Provides Command Line Interface (CLI).
· Provides on-line Hypertext User Guide.