Company Overview

Simena is an industry leading provider of innovative and reliable network appliances. It was established in October 2002, is privately owned by principal operators and currently located in Sterling, Virginia.

Simena offers several products and solutions that can handle complex tasks at reasonable prices. Designed by experienced network engineers, Simena appliances allow clients to modify the contents, integrity, and transmission characteristics of data packets over any network protocol. The patent-pending technology also helps clients to emulate network conditions and forecast bandwidth requirements in a controlled laboratory environment, optimizing product performance in multi-user/multi-site deployments. The products will always be unique in technology and implementation, which will help the company to stay on top of a rapidly growing market. In addition, Simena always has new product ideas under development.

Company’s Mission

Simena’s mission is to create, develop and manufacture intelligent network equipment that will provide its customers better network applications or services with new capabilities and business opportunities.

Company’s Vision

Simena’s vision is to contribute to the data communications industry by continuously creating innovative, high performance, reliable products for intelligent networks.